Hello Friends and Children of God,

Happy Saturday (or whatever today is), blessings to you for another week. We made it through our work week, now it is time to have a little fun. That’s why I love the theme of this weekend link-up. It’s all about encouragement, fun and celebrating the life we’ve lived so far and the adventures still to come.

So in this post, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite blog post I stumbled upon last week, as well as my favorites from last week’s TGI Saturdays link-up, and giving away some really awesome party gifts and then after all that you still get to party.

Bloggers feel free to share your awesome post this week. This is a friendly  party. Blog lovers, thanks for coming just for the love of reading a good blog post. There are lots of good content here. So explore and enjoy.

Before I share my favorites, i’d love to tell you about what’s new on AskLatisha. Recently, i’ve posted some fun learning post. So if you have ever been curious about Yeast, Cream of Tar-Tar, Lucky Charms Cereal (fun facts). Check them out.

I also posted another installment in my blog series called Transitions: Waiting for a Season of Change– this article is entitled “Waiting on God: What I feel vs What I know.”

Last week, I also baked dinner rolls, learned a neat way to remove the yoke from eggs and took pictures of my kid’s awesome Lego Duplo Landmark creations. I shared all this at my weekly Sunday Show ‘n’ Tell. I post one every week with a monthly link party (runs all month long).

I am also an official co-host of another great party called Turn It Tuesday! It launches every Monday night at 8. Check it out.

So I encourage you to join my mailing list, so I can remind you when these parties are up, and share what’s new at AskLatisha. My head is chalk full of great ideas, awesome blog post, series, printables and more. I’d love for you not to missed out.

Enough about that, I have to show some link love to this great blog I found called bitzngiggles.com. There were three links on it I wanted to share- about getting refreshed this Spring, this was the link that brought me to the site, but then when I got there, I saw two recipes I would love to try- Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Potato Chips and Crock Pot Chicken and Brocolli.


I saw another recipe at Turn it Up Tuesday, that I absolutely, positively have to try. It looks so delicious, Slow Cooker Beef Curry Soup. Every time I see this picture my mouth waters, literally. I could imagine that this is what Jacob’s meal looked like to convince his brother Esau to give up his birthright for it. If a meal that looked that good was put in front of me, I might consider giving up something (within reason). Not my birthright though! I honestly can not wait to try this.


I saw this cool wraparound braid hairstyle linked at Shine Blog Hop. I thought it looked so cute with the yellow flower bow.

wraparound braid

The most popular post at TGI Saturdays last week was Homemade Deep Dish Pizza… linked from gentlejoyhomemaker.blogspot.com

Deep Dish Pizza 1

Oh my goodness, this week’s link-up party was fantastic. Truth be told, it was really hard to choose favorites, because post linked-up were great. I chose my favorites this week, because they took me on a journey. I got to see a piece of the world through these blogger’s eyes without even having to leave my house. Though, I would like to go on my own adventures soon.

Sat Favs

Bees at Work! by gentlejoyphotography.blogspot.com
Travel: Road Trip up the California Coast
by wrightsimply.com
Beach Day in Winter {SoCal Living} by wrightsimply.com
Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale 2015 by Adventures in Weseland

Here are this week’s free downloads:

Spring Poem Printable
Winter Thank-You List smll
Spring Wish List 1

Spring Poem & Word Search Printable Download
Winter Gratitude List Download
Spring Wishlist Download
The Word of God Word search Download
Quiet Time with God Word search Download
Sweet Words Word search Download

Now Let’s Party!

TGI Saturdays

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